West Coast Fertility Congratulates the World Championship Winners 2016!!!

cubs-logoDoctor David Diaz and West Coast Fertility are thrilled to congratulate and applaud the new 2016 Baseball World Championship Chicago Cubs on their phenomenal, spine-chilling win against the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night November 2, 2016. Dr. Diaz, a Chicago native and die hard Cubs fan, watched the game live along with members of the West Coast team. Hearts were pounding, palms were sweating, hands were wrenching as the fans were frozen in front of the TV big screen as the 108 year old “curse” of losing seasons finally came to an end.

“It was awesome baseball but still nerve racking as the Cubs surged ahead, then saw the lead shrink, then vanish when the score became tied. The surprise rain shower in the 9th inning seemed to re-energize the Cubbies as they rallied with a 2-run lead in the 10th inning,” Diaz said.

Since childhood, Dr. Diaz and his family made dozens of visits to Chicago’s Wrigley Field, the Home of the Cubs, always hoping for a championship year. The last time the Cubs won the World Series of baseball was in 1908!  Since moving to Orange County, Dr. Diaz has continued to….”cheer, cheer, cheer” for the home team, ever hopeful this would be THE year.

Finally, the dream has come true!

David Diaz, MD


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