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Egg Freezing Breakthrough Expands Options at IVF Centers

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Embryologist Susan Walker (at left), from The Fertility Center of Chattanooga, shown with FROZEN EGG BANK staff, Andrologist Christine Stevens (middle) and  Senior Embryologist Cris Rodriguez-Karl.(right)

We are pleased to announce The Fertility Center of Chattanooga our Frozen Egg Bank affiliate in Tennessee was featured in the local media as a forward thinking IVF center that offers egg freezing as an option to their patients. This article highlights the significance of having an egg freezing program as a way to expand the role of a modern fertility center.  Susan Walker, Senior Embryologist at Chattanooga, came to train with our team of  scientists. During her visit, Susan learned the art of using the Landa Freezing Technology which has yielded very promising results in the preservation and thawing of human eggs. After completing her training, Susan received her certificate  of training then returned to her center to introduce the science of egg freezing to her staff. Since then the Tennessee facility has successfully frozen their patient’s eggs for use in the future.

According to Chattanooga Medical Director, Dr. Barry Donesky, “The Fertility Center is working in conjunction with the Frozen Egg Bank, founded in 2005 in Orange County, California. These pioneers are known for one of the nation's most successful cryopreservation programs, and their patented procedure for egg freezing has led to a 55 percent pregnancy success rate with frozen egg transfers and nearly 30 live births over the past four years. More than 90 percent of frozen eggs have survived the thawing process with 80-plus percent developing into embryos ready for transfer at the Frozen Egg Bank. Women age 37 or younger have been most receptive to frozen egg transfers. Additional information is available at” Since then 52 healthy babies have been born from frozen eggs using the Landa freezing Technology. An additional 10 pregnancies are ongoing.

The Frozen Egg Bank is a network of 7 IVF centers located in the U.S. working together to offer egg freezing and thawing services to their patient population. To learn more about fertility preservation with egg freezing please visit our web site