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The History, Timeline, and Success of Egg Freezing

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

global-donor-egg-bank-egg-freezing-history photoEgg freezing experiments began in the 1960’s and egg freezing today is a viable alternative for women to delay their biologic clock.

Egg freezing specialist, David Diaz, MD, and his scientific team are among the world’s foremost authorities in the science of egg freezing. Their efforts have yielded the birth of more than 80 healthy babies born from frozen eggs since 2005.

Click here for Brief History of Egg Freezing.

As presented at the annual fertility society meeting, the LANDA slow-freeze egg freezing technique illustrates distinct preservation of the egg’s delicate internal organelles which in turn yields excellent survival rates and a high degree of implantation.

While most IVF centers are now offering egg freezing for fertility preservation, many centers do not have the experience of a live baby birth from actual frozen eggs. Keep this in mind as you’re doing research for freezing your own eggs. You should always ask the physicians how many live births have they had at their centers.

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