IVF Emotional Support Combined with Scientific Expertise

Dear Dr Diaz & Staff,

It is not often you find a medical practice such as yours – one that is centered on scientific expertise combined with a staff that is filled with empathy and genuine concern for their patients. This combination is few and far between and is what made our experience with West Coast Fertility Centers a very positive one.

This Thanksgiving, we gave thanks to you Dr. Diaz, as well as to Joan, Beth, Maria, Maritza, Mike, Carol, Dr. Han, Antoine, and Mary for giving us the gift of hope, and ultimately, the gift of family. We were always welcomed with warm and comforting words and many times shared in a hug or a good cry (thanks Joan!).

This emotional support is just as important to us patients as the science behind what you do, and you do both exceptionally well. You reminded us that we were not alone in our struggles yet made us feel like we were your only patients. Thank you for sharing in our struggle, our goal, and finally in our great happiness. You are all so wonderful!

~Monica & Dennis


Meet our caring staff

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