Easter Wishes | Meet the Adorable Dewhurst Triplets

Bunnies Hopping and Babies Popping! Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter from David Diaz, MD and the entire West Coast Fertility Team

Meet the Dewhurst Triplets

We so admire the adorable pictures of the Dewhurst triplets and we thought their cuteness and outfits were so fitting for our Easter story. Seeing their lovely faces made us smile immediately. Our wonderful patients—Francine and Jonathan Dewhurst share their journey and beautiful family with all of us.


Taryn Chase (4 lbs, 9 oz)

Asher Spencer 5 lbs, 11 o z)

Kathryn Samantha (5 lbs, 7 oz)

We first met Francine and Jonathan in 2005. IUI attempts were unsuccessful and in 2007, IVF was performed. Francine was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy, Elias William Roger. They wanted to expand their family and after the second round of IVF, they were pregnant with triplets. The triplets, one boy and two girls, were excited to enter the world and arrived six weeks early on December 30, 2010.

Given the early arrival of the triplets, precautionary measures were taken by limiting visitation from family/friends. This Easter weekend will be especially cherished as it is the first, big family gathering since the triplets were born. There are definitely lots to celebrate as the triplets will turn 4 months on April 30th.

Francine describes that the strategy to taking care of triplets is to “tend to the loudest one first.” She breastfeeds all the children making sure they are all healthy and happy.

Elias, the 3 year old older brother is “in love” with the babies and he is the “best little helper,” states Francine.

Congratulations to your adorable family and we wish the Dewhurst family a very happy Easter family gathering!

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