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Twin Peak: More Babies in the U.S. are Born in Pairs

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Read what Dr. David Diaz said about the increase in twin births in the Orange County Register newspaper. Click to view article.


First Frozen Egg Baby Celebrates Milestone 10th Birthday

Monday, December 21st, 2015

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“Making Babies, Saving Lives” – CPR Day at West Coast Fertility Center

Monday, December 8th, 2014

ivfbaby-west-coast-fertilty-orange-county-cpr-training-photoThis was the theme of West Coast Fertility Center’s CPR training day. Our instructor, Scott, arrived from the American Heart Association to certify the WCFC Staff on the new guidelines for basic CPR during our biennial certification process.

The Staff receive one hour of basic training including some helpful and surprising facts. Did you know that administering CPR is very different in adults, children and infants? It was sad to learn that the most common cause of drowning in infants occurs in a doggie watering bowl. So keep a close eye on your toddler or keep the bowl out of baby’s reach.

Next came the exciting part of working on mannequins to simulate an actual rescue. Everyone was a little nervous wanting to make sure this was performed correctly. We split up into teams of 2 and worked on rescuing 2 mannequins. Norma and Maria were first up and they were experts in a few minutes.

Finally, we were surprised that a multiple choice was the final hurdle. Fortunately, everyone received a passing grade.

We recommend that everyone in your home and work place should know how to correctly perform basic CPR since a disaster can happen at any time. If you wish for additional information, please contact Beth from our office at 714-513-1399 who can provide you the name of our excellent instructor.

Visit Our New Egg Freezing Website Transformation

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

egg-freezing-website-makeover-california photo

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. has undergone a complete website transformation to help you learn all you ever wanted to know about Egg Freezing (also known as Oocyte Cryopreservation).

We feel that our new is the most comprehensive website available for fertility preservation. It incorporates all things related to freezing human eggs – reasons, success rates, methods, etc. Discussed in depth are all the different scenarios that women face regarding the cause of why they are considering and choosing to put their fertility on hold.

The fertility clock and calculator page can estimate a woman’s pregnancy rate and potential. The egg freezing patient resources and articles of interest page is an eye opener for the discussion on the benefits and concerns of egg freezing. You can read testimonials from other women and understand their reasons on why they froze their eggs.

Whether you’re single, divorced or climbing the corporate ladder, visit our new egg freezing website to discover how egg freezing can preserve your chances of motherhood. Find out how egg freezing can enhance your life situation. We hope that you enjoy the new look and ease of navigation along with fascinating new content at

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc., a division of West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, has been the leader in egg cryopreservation for over 14 years. Research on egg freezing began in the year 2000 as a result of finding a solution to help young patients who were diagnosed with cancer preserve their fertility before chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The Medical Director of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. and West Coast Fertility Centers is David Diaz, MD, FACOG.

Why did Elaine freeze her eggs?

How to calculate your fertility?

How to test your egg quality?

To schedule your egg freezing consultation with Dr. David Diaz, please call 714-513-1399 or use our online consultation request form.

How much is IVF In Vitro Fertilization? Compare IVF Pricing in Orange County, California.

Friday, April 18th, 2014

west-coast-fertility-center-orange-county-ivf-cost-photoThe cost of IVF fertility treatment at West Coast Fertility Center (WCFC) is very competitive and probably the most affordable in the greater Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. WCFC has built a reputation for the last 25 years treating infertility with success while providing patients with quality, individualized care and attention. Some of the most difficult fertility cases in the community are referred to WCFC given our reputation for science, research, and solutions.

Unlike some clinics, WCFC do not bait patients with a false low price only for them to discover later that there are many hidden fees and costs making the teaser rate much higher than it really is. For example, some clinics display their IVF pricing and do not include the extra costs for I.V. anesthesia, laboratory fees such as ICSI or Assisted Hatching, OB ultrasound, and embryo/egg freeze. All these factors are important in the IVF process and when these extra fees are added in, the real IVF pricing will cost thousands of dollars more.

West Coast Fertility Center is upfront with IVF pricing. Everything is disclosed and itemized so that you understand what you’re getting for your money. Some fertility clinics operate like a fertility factory mill where customized care can be severely compromised. When quoting IVF pricing, all clinics usually do not include the pricing of fertility pre-testing and fertility medications because everyone’s medical situation is different.

Meet Dr. David Diaz, IVF and Egg Freezing Specialist

25th Anniversary of West Coast Fertility Centers

How much is IVF at West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County?


Read Reviews and Testimonials

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The above IVF pricing can be subject to change without notice.

“Baby Insurance” with Egg Freezing

Monday, May 27th, 2013

In early May 2013, the Wall Street Journal featured an article about Egg Freezing written by Sarah Elizabeth Richards. She referred to egg freezing as “baby insurance”. Why I Froze My Eggs (And You Should, Too)

Read Sarah’s story about how she froze her eggs on her 36th birthday and had her first baby at age 42.

sarah-elizabeth-richards-egg-freezing“When a woman freezes her eggs, two things happen: She comes to terms with the fact that her fertility is fading, and she invests significant time, energy and money in protecting that asset by seeking medical help. The combination puts the issue front and center and makes you commit to your goals,” states Richards.

“The act of egg freezing also has the effect of making women feel more in control of their dating lives. Far from encouraging women to wait, I found that egg freezing made it easier for women to relax and find a partner.” -excerpt from WSJ article

Ms. Richards is the author of “Motherhood Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It.

How does age affect female fertility?

Meet Egg Freezing Expert Dr. David G. Diaz

Friends and Sisters Freezing Eggs Together for Fertility Preservation

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Egg Freezing gives a woman the freedom to preserve her fertility until she is ready to start a family.

Share the cost savings together with your friend or sister. 2013 Springtime Offer for Egg Freezing – Pay for one egg freezing procedure and get the second for half off the regular price. Get 50% off the second egg freezing procedure. Regular pricing is $9,257 excluding pre-testing, medication, and annual egg storage fees.



Friends Freezing Eggs Together

Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

Fertility Security for the Future




Act now to freeze your eggs while they are still healthy and robust! One in five women are having their first child after age 35 when declining egg quality leads to a higher infertility rate. Women pursuing careers or women who have not met their life partner can request elective egg freezing to preserve their fertility. For more information, please contact us at 714-513-1399 or email us at

Egg Freezing Specialist, David G. Diaz, MD, FACOG, and his Team are among the world’s foremost authorities on the Science of Egg Freezing with 75 healthy babies born from frozen eggs at the center. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the experimental label from egg freezing last year. Frozen Egg Bank is a division of West Coast Fertility Centers.


Easter Blessings from West Coast Fertility Centers

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


Happy Easter to you and your family!

What does eggs and rabbits have anything to do with Easter? The Goddess Eostra (dating back to the 13th century) represents springtime and fertility. Feasts were held in her honor on the Vernal Equinox with painted eggs which represented the renewal of life. Her symbol was the bunny rabbit because of the animal’s high reproduction rate.


Affordable IVF at Last! “Natural Cycle IVF” Available at West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California at Promotional Pricing of $3,900

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Natural Cycle IVF (NIVF) is an exciting and affordable new fertility treatment offered at West Coast Fertility Centers to patients who have mild forms of infertility. The promotional pricing for NIVF is $3,900 excluding costs for testing and medication.

What is Natural IVF and How Does It Work?
“Natural IVF” (NIVF) can be offered to patients with mild forms of infertility but still need help becoming pregnant. NIVF mimics the natural process by helping the woman’s ovaries produce the natural healthy egg she would produce in her own cycle.

Usually one, but occasionally two eggs are released in natural cycles. With NIVF, the ovaries are assisted to develop the naturally selected one or two follicles and eggs. The follicles are aspirated under I.V. sedation and the harvested eggs are replaced to the uterus 3 days later. Some women may take progesterone capsules to help support the uterine lining. A pregnancy is confirmed two weeks after the transfer.

Who is a Candidate for Natural IVF?

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Orange County Fertility Specialist, David Diaz MD, Perfected a Specialized Egg Freezing Technique Making Frozen Donor Eggs Accessible & Affordable

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The patent-pending egg freezing technology developed by Frozen Egg Bank and West Coast Fertility Centers located in Orange County, California makes it possible and affordable for intended parents to conveniently select frozen eggs procured from healthy, rigorously screened donor candidates.

The egg freezing technique minimizes ice crystal formation during the egg freezing process and yields a frozen egg survival rate of 91% after thawing. This egg freezing success rate has led to the births of over 70 healthy children and the world’s first frozen egg baby reunion hosted by Dr. David Diaz in October 2011.

Women with diminished fertility potential due to advancing age or poor egg quality may be advised to use “younger eggs” from a donor to improve their chance of pregnancy. The patent-pending egg freezing innovation developed by Frozen Egg Bank and West Coast Fertility Centers dramatically improves the efficiency of the egg donation process thus minimizing the cost of donor egg fertility treatment for the intended parents. F

An egg donor is a healthy young woman who agrees to provide her biological eggs to be inseminated by the sperm of the intended mother’s partner. The resulting embryos are then inserted in the uterus of the intended mother to be carried as her own pregnancy. The child will possess the physical traits of the father and the traits of the donor (chosen because she looks similar to the mother). At birth, the child is considered the biological offspring of the intended mother just like a naturally occurring pregnancy.

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