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Monday, September 13th, 2010

“Thank you Dr. Diaz and staff for bringing us closer to our dream of having a baby. We are so grateful for your treating us more like a family, giving us hope and happiness. The staff are so kind, sensitive, and professional. Special thanks to Joan for holding my hands and giving me hugs at every visit. Thank you again for being so caring.”  –Dana Tran  


“On my difficult, emotional journey to parenthood, I could not have chosen a better doctor and staff to assist me. Thank you, not only for your kindness and experience, but also in the way you did it.”  –Yasemin D. 


“I appreciated all the information shared with us regarding the processes we’ve experienced. The knowledge of what to expect has helped reduce my anxiety and made us feel empowered. Thank you—we look forward to being another of your success stories!”  –Jessica M. 


“I received so much support during my procedures and now have the best outcome anyone could ask for. I am so grateful to Dr. Diaz for being able to diagnose and cure my unique condition. If it were not for his up-to-date knowledge, I would not be able to be a mother today.”  –Liese Wellmeyer 


“Exselente atencio muchos widados de todo el personal para mi y muy contenta con el Doctor Diaz que izo mi suerio realidad. Gracias a todos.”  –Norma Lupercio 

An Egg Freezing Miracle! How Baby Emilee Faith was Conceived? View Her Story Through Pictures.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

August 2009: Stephanie and Rob are so delighted to be pregnant from her own frozen eggs and is seen here proudly sharing her first baby ultrasound pictures. Shown are Stephanie’s Dad, Dr. Diaz, Stephanie’s Mom, Stephanie and her husband Rob.

Stephanie, Rob and the future grandparents are seen here touring the egg freezing laboratory with Dr. David Diaz and Antoine La (Embryology Lab Director).

For personal reasons, other patients like Stephanie and Rob request freezing surplus eggs instead of embryos. This helps to avoid the difficult decision of disposing surplus embryos.

Rob, Baby Emilee Faith with Dr. Diaz, Stephanie and Nurse Practitioner Joan

Fast forward to August 2010: The happy day has arrived as Stephanie and Rob introduce us to their precious baby daughter-Emilee Faith.

Dr. Diaz, new arrival Emilee Faith and Nurse Joan

"Dear Dr. Diaz. Rob and I are so very grateful for everything that you did for us. We cannot express our gratitude enough! You and your wonderful, caring staff have become our extended family. Our dream of becoming parents finally came true on April 16, 2010, with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Emilee Faith (all 10 pounds, 5 oz. and 22 inches of her!!) She is our miracle baby! It feels like yesterday when Joan called us with the big news, letting us know that our third and final IVF attempt had worked. What and amazing process and journey! We hope and pray our success story will inspire other couples whose dream of parenthood has not yet been realized." Sincerely, Stephanie and Rob

Mother’s Day Contest Winners’ Essay & Poem

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010
Dear Dr. Diaz,
My husband and I got married about three years ago and are very happy. How we met… well, we were friends in high school and then lost touch after I graduated in 93’. We accidentally ran into each other in ’05, exchanged numbers, went on our first date a few days after and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We have been trying for almost 3 years to start a family and get pregnant but have had no success. We do not have any children have tried all the tricks in the books and on the internet. My husband is now 32 and I am 34 so we know that our time is running short when it comes to getting pregnant.
One of the reasons we would love to have children of our own is because we both had such great parents and good childhoods and would like to be able to provide that for our own children. We would love to bring children into this world and be able to nurture them and raise them up to pass on the love and teachings that our parents have passed on to us. Our parents both raised us with Christian values and a lot of love. One of the values that we both try to honor is putting others first and serving others. Our parents have always taught us to help those in need and would set the example by helping the homeless by talking to them on the streets and taking them to shelters and bringing them food and clothing. Our parents involved us in this and exposed us to this at a very young age by allowing us to help and bring food to those in need and give up our toys for the less fortunate. This made such an impression on me as a child that as a college student I volunteered for a homeless shelter and now I’m going through my clinical to be an occupational therapy assistant so that I can be more knowledgeable and more helpful to those in need. My husband is a facility supervisor and a fix it type of guy and enjoys helping the neighbors with fix it types of jobs. 
I have taken several classes in marriage and family and child development and I am working with children with disabilities right now for my clinical. We both love children and something we would teach our children growing up is to love God, love others, accept others, not to judge others, put others first, be kind, be responsible, always try your best, know your limitation, and most importantly that their parents (us J) love them UNCONDITIONALLY.
What does family mean to us?… Family is people that have been put in our lives for a reason, so that we can learn from them and they can learn from us, people to encourage, nurture, help bring out strengths and work with the weaknesses. Family is unconditional love that is always there no matter what. Family is strength and support that is always reliable and brings security throughout life. Family is a soft spot to go to through hard times and people to rejoice with in happy times. Family is always forgiving, always loving, and is always there. We would love to have children and create a family of our own.
We wrote the following poem for the purpose of our future child..
If we had a child what would we teach?
We would teach them that all of their dreams are within reach
We would encourage them and give them lots of love
And always be thankful for these blessings from above
We would teach them to love and teach them to give
And we would teach them all the skills they would need to live
We would teach them what’s right and discourage the wrong
With gentle guidance from their dad and their mom
We would always be there through the good and the bad
Comforting them with hugs if they were ever sad
We would sing them songs as we rock them to sleep
And spend fun family time and create memories to keep
If we were blessed with a child their gramas and grampas would be so overjoyed
But we have to admit they might spoil them with toys
We would teach them a meaning of life and love
And would always tell them they are a blessing from above
We would thank Dr. Diaz for bringing us joy
And would be such a happy family with a baby girl or a boy
By Jennifer and Chris Mirelez

Share Your Story!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010
The journey through infertility treatments can be long and frustrating at times. For those who have been lucky enough to be successful, overcoming your infertility is a very joyous occasion. We would like to invite you to share your story and help inspire our readers who may be in a similar situation. Please feel free to share the experience you had with Dr. Diaz and his staff. We also love pictures and regular updates from our patients. We look forward to hearing from you!