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First Frozen Egg Baby Celebrates Fifth Birthday

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Cadyn is a very special little girl. Although she turned five years old on October 6, 2010, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen in 2001 at the West Coast Fertility Centers egg freezing program. West Coast Fertility is considered one of the leading Centers in the country specializing in the field of fertility preservation. The Center pioneered a freezing method called the Landa Freezing Technology capable of storing embryos and eggs for young patients with cancer and women who wish to extend their fertile years until they are ready to start a family.

Cadyn’s mom is a business entrepreneur who was busy establishing her career when she decided it was time to start her family. She asked the specialists at West Coast Fertility to thaw the frozen eggs and inseminate them while scientists performed In-vitro Fertilization and observed the embryos as they developed. At just the right time, the embryos were carefully placed into the uterus under ultrasound guidance. Special fertility enhancing hormones were used to prepare the uterine lining to become receptive to the embryos. After two anxious weeks of waiting, the results of the pregnancy test were ready.

Dr. David Diaz phoned the nervous mom and said, “I told Cadyn’s mother that she was about to become a medical pioneer by being one of the few women in the world to become pregnant with frozen eggs. Everyone at the center celebrated in her honor.” The pregnancy began smoothly, but in the last few weeks a dangerous obstetrical condition developed when the placenta was noted to be blocking the birth canal. Fortunately, a cesarean delivery was performed and little Cadyn became the first baby conceived from frozen eggs at West Coast Fertility Centers.

To celebrate this landmark child, the West Coast Staff arranged for a surprise birthday party for Cadyn. A catered lunch was provided and some special guests were invited. A bright and outgoing redhead, Cadyn was presented with a beautiful cake, a princess tiara and a gift certificate to her favorite store. Cadyn even posed with an ultrasound picture of herself when she was just 10 weeks into her mom’s pregnancy. Birthday wishes and lots of hugs were exchanged until mother and daughter wee off to continue the celebration at Disneyland.

Since Cadyn, West Coast has helped 70 patients conceive using the frozen egg technology. The center has a high success rate of 91% egg survival after thawing the frozen eggs. All egg freezing procedures are conducted with patient consent under a special study protocol.

Dr. Diaz and his team of scientists, Antoine La, ELD and Cris Karl, Senior Embryologist, have been invited to present their work in egg freezing at the annual American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Denver, Colorado in late October 2010.

View the press release in its entirety by clicking here.

“Thank you very much for giving us the hope we needed”

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

“My whole experience with Dr. Diaz and staff was so amazing! Dealing with infertility is tough enough, but they made the whole process so easy for my husband and I. Thank you again for everything.”

Myla Cawa


“I want to thank the staff, Dr. Diaz, and Joan for all of their help in accomplishing my second pregnancy with F.E.T. I’m also thankful for their original help with my wonderful daughter in 2009 who was born a healthy and beautiful 7lbs, 3 oz. The appointments were always kept in time. Everyone was so understanding and helpful. May God bless you all.”

Yadira Rodriguez


“Mi comentaria es que el trato es inconparable por que yo ya abia tratado en diferentes lagares pero aqui te asen center en confiaza y te esplicoan paso gracias a toda el personal.”

Lilia Castaneda


“Primeramente le agrodezco al Doctor Diaz y a todo su staff por estar al pendiente de cada paso y cuidado para que todo se lograra a la perfeccion . Y muchas gracias por hacer nuestros suenos realidad. Que sigan adelante y sobre todo que Dios les de los entendimientos para entender todo lo que nosotros nunca prodemos enterder. Gracias!”

Mariana M.

An Egg Freezing Miracle! How Baby Emilee Faith was Conceived? View Her Story Through Pictures.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

August 2009: Stephanie and Rob are so delighted to be pregnant from her own frozen eggs and is seen here proudly sharing her first baby ultrasound pictures. Shown are Stephanie’s Dad, Dr. Diaz, Stephanie’s Mom, Stephanie and her husband Rob.

Stephanie, Rob and the future grandparents are seen here touring the egg freezing laboratory with Dr. David Diaz and Antoine La (Embryology Lab Director).

For personal reasons, other patients like Stephanie and Rob request freezing surplus eggs instead of embryos. This helps to avoid the difficult decision of disposing surplus embryos.

Rob, Baby Emilee Faith with Dr. Diaz, Stephanie and Nurse Practitioner Joan

Fast forward to August 2010: The happy day has arrived as Stephanie and Rob introduce us to their precious baby daughter-Emilee Faith.

Dr. Diaz, new arrival Emilee Faith and Nurse Joan

"Dear Dr. Diaz. Rob and I are so very grateful for everything that you did for us. We cannot express our gratitude enough! You and your wonderful, caring staff have become our extended family. Our dream of becoming parents finally came true on April 16, 2010, with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Emilee Faith (all 10 pounds, 5 oz. and 22 inches of her!!) She is our miracle baby! It feels like yesterday when Joan called us with the big news, letting us know that our third and final IVF attempt had worked. What and amazing process and journey! We hope and pray our success story will inspire other couples whose dream of parenthood has not yet been realized." Sincerely, Stephanie and Rob

Egg Freezing Liberates Women from the Biologic Clock—Learn How with Upcoming Seminar & Webinar

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

On September 1st, 2010, West Coast Fertility Centers will sponsor a unique educational seminar to educate and empower women on the topic of preserving their fertility. Whether for medical reasons or personal choice, women can learn how to liberate themselves from the biologic clock.


Seating is limited and reservations are strongly recommended. To secure your place at this life changing event on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 from 6-8 PM at our West Coast Fertility location in Fountain Valley, please contact us directly at 714-513-1399.


Dr. David Diaz will also host an informative webinar on Egg Freezing on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 5 PM (PST). Please register for the webinar directly online by clicking here.



Fertility preservation by egg freezing is the latest frontier that has been overcome by the fertility experts at West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC) in Orange County, California. The prospect of halting the Biologic Clock for women is now a reality by preserving their healthy, viable eggs during the best reproductive years. The effect of physiologic aging had long been the enemy of fertility due to the limited supply of eggs formed at the time a woman is born. As age advances, the decline in the number and quality of eggs, also known as oocytes, continues to accelerate with little or no warning.


To help women preserve their eggs when they are healthy and robust, the laboratories of West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC) have refined the technique of shielding the eggs from the effects of freezing. A unique set of freezing fluids, known as the Landa Freezing Technology, was developed over the past ten years, giving women the option of harvesting and storing their eggs indefinitely.


David Diaz, MD, FACOG, a fertility expert with 22 years experience, will explain how to determine who is a candidate for egg freezing; how patients are selected and a brief overview of the egg freezing technique at WCFC. Dr. Diaz and the members of his team will lead the discussion with visual presentations and the opportunity to meet a patient who had a healthy baby after egg freezing. A private tour of the surgical suite and accredited laboratories at WCFC will also be given.


Those who may benefit from egg freezing include:

  • young, single women diagnosed with cancer that can preserve their eggs from chemotherapy and radiation
  • young women who wish to preserve their fertile eggs until they are ready to start their family
  • women undergoing IVF who prefer to freeze unfertilized eggs versus embryos for ethical reasons
  • women whose only option for pregnancy is with young healthy donor eggs stored at the Frozen Egg Bank


The Egg Freezing Program at WCFC has resulted in the births of 54 healthy babies, more than any program in the Western United States. Eight additional pregnancies are also on-going as of August 2010.


David Diaz, MD, FACOG is Medical Director of West Coast Fertility Centers, one of the most successful and innovative fertility centers in the country, with 22 years experience in providing state-of-the-art reproductive fertility treatments to people wishing to have children. West Coast Fertility Centers is a proud affiliate of Extend Fertility.


We look forward to seeing you at our events!


Direct link to our press release


Direct link to our Egg Freezing YouTube video

Egg Freezing Breakthrough Expands Options at IVF Centers

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Embryologist Susan Walker (at left), from The Fertility Center of Chattanooga, shown with FROZEN EGG BANK staff, Andrologist Christine Stevens (middle) and  Senior Embryologist Cris Rodriguez-Karl.(right)

We are pleased to announce The Fertility Center of Chattanooga our Frozen Egg Bank affiliate in Tennessee was featured in the local media as a forward thinking IVF center that offers egg freezing as an option to their patients. This article highlights the significance of having an egg freezing program as a way to expand the role of a modern fertility center.  Susan Walker, Senior Embryologist at Chattanooga, came to train with our team of  scientists. During her visit, Susan learned the art of using the Landa Freezing Technology which has yielded very promising results in the preservation and thawing of human eggs. After completing her training, Susan received her certificate  of training then returned to her center to introduce the science of egg freezing to her staff. Since then the Tennessee facility has successfully frozen their patient’s eggs for use in the future.

According to Chattanooga Medical Director, Dr. Barry Donesky, “The Fertility Center is working in conjunction with the Frozen Egg Bank, founded in 2005 in Orange County, California. These pioneers are known for one of the nation's most successful cryopreservation programs, and their patented procedure for egg freezing has led to a 55 percent pregnancy success rate with frozen egg transfers and nearly 30 live births over the past four years. More than 90 percent of frozen eggs have survived the thawing process with 80-plus percent developing into embryos ready for transfer at the Frozen Egg Bank. Women age 37 or younger have been most receptive to frozen egg transfers. Additional information is available at” Since then 52 healthy babies have been born from frozen eggs using the Landa freezing Technology. An additional 10 pregnancies are ongoing.

The Frozen Egg Bank is a network of 7 IVF centers located in the U.S. working together to offer egg freezing and thawing services to their patient population. To learn more about fertility preservation with egg freezing please visit our web site

Landmark Arrival of Frozen Egg Babies #49 & #50 at West Coast Fertility Centers in California

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


 Dr. Diaz with Frozen Egg Baby Grace while Mommy holds twin sister Julia.

On March 5th, West Coast Fertility Center had the pleasure of meeting our Frozen Egg Babies #49 and #50 as the proud Mom and Dad stopped by our office and introduced us to their beautiful twin baby girls.  The girls are now four months old and have been such a joy to their parents.

In April 2009, this patient underwent a cycle of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with the use of frozen donor eggs.  This couple used our online database to search for a donor of their liking.  Once the donor was selected, the donor eggs were thawed and prepared for insemination.  Using ICSI, the eggs were inseminated just as they would be in a traditional IVF cycle with fresh donor eggs.  The eggs were fertilized and cultured for three days prior to the patient's embryo transfer.  The Frozen Egg Bank has an astounding 91% egg thaw survival rate and a 53% pregnancy rate which is very similar to our pregnancy rate for traditional IVF.

This marks a big day for West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County, California, as we reached the birth of our 49th and 50th babies born from Frozen Eggs and ICSI. WCFC is an affiliate of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc which developed the Landa Freezing Technology, offering hope to many infertile couples. This technology has resulted in the birth of 52 healthy babies born to wonderful families longing for their beautiful children. Worldwide only about 500 babies have been born from egg freezing.

Greeting the special visitors, Dr. David Diaz and his staff were delighted to hug and hold the two special little miracles as they smiled and gurgled while photos were snapped. Dr. Diaz commented that the parents are “true pioneers in the field of infertility” for making the decision to utilize the new technology.

We wish Mom, Dad, and the girls all the best and look forward to keeping in touch with them as the girls continue to grow.

To find out more about infertility and egg freezing at West Coast Fertility Centers please check out our websites and Thank you! 

D r. Diaz holding Frozen Egg baby #49 Baby Grace while the proud parents hold her twin sister Julia, Frozen Egg baby #50. 

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer Patient Freezes Eggs

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Being told you have cancer can be one of the scariest diagnoses a patient will ever receive. Young patients, who haven’t had the opportunity to start a family, may fear losing their ability to one day have children. Although chemotherapy and radiation can be life saving, both may also cause difficulties becoming pregnant when a patient wishes to start their family. We recently had the opportunity to work with a young woman diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Twenty-three year old Brie was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma three weeks before her first visit to West Coast Fertility Center. She wished to learn more about our egg freezing process and was interested in preserving her eggs prior to starting chemotherapy.

During her initial meeting, Dr. Diaz shared our egg freezing and thawing process, our success rate of 52 healthy live births and two very important factors to investigate when you are considering freezing your eggs.

Cancer Patient Freezes Eggs

Since Brie was due to start her chemotherapy later in the month, she decided to proceed with her stimulation protocol immediately. During her frequent visits to our facility, she was truly a delightful patient and our staff developed a great deal of respect for this courageous young patient. She persevered through 14 days of injectable fertility medication with remarkable good humor and close attention to detail. Ultrasounds and blood tests were performed to assess her follicle development. During this period there was ongoing communication to and from her oncologist to coordinate and assure her cancer treatment was not compromised. On the day of her egg harvest, 13 eggs were retrieved and of these eggs 11 were mature enough to freeze. Although Brie has a long road ahead of her, she was able to start chemotherapy knowing her ability to one day have children may have been preserved.

We are pleased to offer our egg freezing services to patients who have unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer. West Coast Fertility Center helps by reducing some of the costs while working closely with Fertile Hope (affiliated with the Lance Armstrong Foundation), a non-profit organization that offers emotional support to cancer patients. Our industry partner, EMD Serono provides free medications to our patients. This helps make egg freezing more affordable to these patients whose medical treatments may pose a risk of infertility. To learn more about egg freezing please contact the West Coast Fertility Center patient care coordinator Maria Ruíz