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Achieve Your Maximum Fertility Potential with West Coast Fertility Center’s Fertility Fitness Program

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

fertility-fitness-program-west-coast-fertility-center photoUndergoing fertility treatments can be a stressful experience with emotions riding high and low like a roller coaster. We at West Coast Fertility Centers recognize this vulnerability and we have created an overall mind and body program to enhance and complement the medical quality care that you’ll receive here at our Center with fertility specialist, Dr. David Diaz, and Elaine Wang.

The Fertility Fitness Program was specifically designed to help women achieve emotional and physical well-being while overcoming infertility. Our valued patient will be provided with techniques that are individually tailored to her needs for long-term health and wellness. We will design, teach, and implement a custom health and wellness plan that incorporates nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction.

Our goal is to work closely with our patients to provide them with long-term benefits for their health and wellness and their growing family. The Fertility Fitness Program incorporates nutrition and exercise that have been shown to equip women with a multitude of benefits such as…

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced inflammation in the body
  • Weight loss
  • Improved fertility potential
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Minimized insulin resistance
  • Increased physiologic response

Additionally, these lifestyle changes for women can reduce their risk for developing serious chronic diseases associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) such as endometrial cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Read about our body’s dynamic “fight or flight” response and how it affects your fertility potential.

Please contact us at 714-513-1399 for more information on our beneficial Fertility Fitness Program in Orange County.

Global Donor Egg Bank Makes Frozen Donor Eggs Available to Patients Worldwide

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Dr. David Diaz and the entire medical team at West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC) and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) is pleased to announce the launch of their new website The combined efforts of the fertility specialists of WCFC and the scientific and research development of FEB have merged to form Global Donor Egg Bank.

global-donor-egg-bank-frozen-website-launch photoThe purpose of Global Donor Egg Bank is to make frozen donor eggs available to patients worldwide. Frozen donor eggs can be shipped to any country around the globe according to local regulations.

Motherhood and family building plans can sometimes get delayed due to life’s uncertainties. The most fertile years for a woman may not always coincide with her social or monetary status to start a family. With increasing age, there is a declining egg quality which makes it potentially more difficult to get pregnant. Even women who have attempted IVF treatment(s) discover that their aging eggs are the problem why their embryos have low implantation causing infertility. For these cases, the recommended treatment would be to use healthy, robust eggs from a young donor with physical traits similar to the mother.

The first successful pregnancy resulting from egg donation occurred in 1983 and involved a patient who was diagnosed with premature menopause. Nowadays, the indications for egg donation have expanded to include not only premature ovarian failure, but also for young patients who have not been successful with IVF due to poor egg quality or suboptimal embryos, are excellent candidates for egg donation. Also, the use of donor eggs may be chosen to avoid the possibility of transmitting a significant genetic illness for which the female recipient is known to be a carrier.

The use of Frozen Donors Eggs has many advantages over the use of fresh donor eggs. Simultaneous synchronization problems are avoided. It is often difficult to coordinate the donor’s and the recipient’s cycles due to donor non-compliance with FDA regulations, medication errors made by the egg donor, inadvertent pregnancy by the donor, problems with the egg donor’s travel arrangements which are paid by the recipient, donor demands for excessive payment and unexpected cancellation of the cycle by the donor.

Also, there is the issue of storing unused, excess embryos which may be used or often abandoned by the intended parents. The entire cost of this process must be borne by the recipient of the donated eggs.

Frozen donor eggs can offer recipient parents time savings (3 – 5 months) and cost savings (50% – 70% less). At her own convenience, the recipient mother can select the frozen eggs from a donor which then can be thawed to achieve a pregnancy. This innovation in egg freezing technology dramatically improves the efficiency of the egg donation process.

The Brief History of Egg Freezing

About Global Donor Egg Bank

For more information about using frozen donor eggs at Global Donor Egg Bank, please call 714-513-1399 or contact us online.

Dr. David Diaz Proudly Supports OC Memorial’s New Emergency Pavilion

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

fertility-doctor-diaz-supports-OC-memorial-care-emergency-room photoWest Coast Fertility Centers is proud to support Orange Coast Memorial’s new Emergency Pavilion.


“Thank you for all that you do for our beautiful community,” noted Dr. David Diaz, infertility doctor and egg freezing specialist in Orange County, California.







Orange Coast Memorial is rolling out the red carpet on Saturday, September 28th at the Island Hotel for their 11th Annual Fall Gala, an Evening in Hollywood. Guests will revel in the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood as they enjoy live entertainment, live and silent auctions. Proceeds from this event will fund Orange Coast Memorial’s new Emergency Pavilion. This expansion will more than double the size of their Emergency Department, shorten wait times and increase patient privacy and comfort.

SoCal Walk of Hope for Infertility Awareness

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

walk-of-hope-infertility-awareness-orange-county photoJoin the many participants this Sunday, September 29th for the inaugural event of the Orange County Walk of Hope. The slogan for this event is that no one with infertility should walk alone and that no one should face infertility alone.


Click to view the pictures of other RESOLVE Walk of Hope events around the country.




walk-of-hope-infertility-awareness-orange-county photo

This memorable event will be held at Aldrich Park in Irvine, CA from 8 – 11AM. There will also be many activities and giveaways for everyone. The Walk of Hope will raise funds for local advocacy programs for public infertility awareness initiatives and family building options.



Friends and Sisters Freezing Eggs Together for Fertility Preservation

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Egg Freezing gives a woman the freedom to preserve her fertility until she is ready to start a family.

Share the cost savings together with your friend or sister. 2013 Springtime Offer for Egg Freezing – Pay for one egg freezing procedure and get the second for half off the regular price. Get 50% off the second egg freezing procedure. Regular pricing is $9,257 excluding pre-testing, medication, and annual egg storage fees.



Friends Freezing Eggs Together

Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

Fertility Security for the Future




Act now to freeze your eggs while they are still healthy and robust! One in five women are having their first child after age 35 when declining egg quality leads to a higher infertility rate. Women pursuing careers or women who have not met their life partner can request elective egg freezing to preserve their fertility. For more information, please contact us at 714-513-1399 or email us at

Egg Freezing Specialist, David G. Diaz, MD, FACOG, and his Team are among the world’s foremost authorities on the Science of Egg Freezing with 75 healthy babies born from frozen eggs at the center. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the experimental label from egg freezing last year. Frozen Egg Bank is a division of West Coast Fertility Centers.


Frozen Egg Bank Inc. and its Founder, Dr. David Diaz, Celebrate with ASRM as the Experimental Label is Removed from Egg Freezing

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

October 2012 is especially memorable at Frozen Egg Bank Inc, located in Orange County California, as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the “experimental” label from human egg freezing.

Founded by David Diaz, MD in 2005, the mission of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) has been to develop efficient egg freezing techniques that lead to successful live births. In October 2005, FEB witnessed the birth of the first frozen egg baby, Cadyn Elizabeth, now a bright and beautiful child.

More than 72 live births later, FEB was privileged to host the “World’s First Reunion of Babies Born from Frozen Eggs.” A study presented at the ASRM meeting on October 24, 2012 showed the freezing and thawing technique used by FEB has a greater efficiency than the vitrification technique among all egg banks sampled in the study.

View Press Release

FEB is the premiere facility in the United States dedicated to the freezing and distribution of donor eggs and electively freezing the eggs of women wishing to preserve their fertility. Egg Freezing Specialist, Dr. David Diaz and his Team are among the world’s foremost authorities in the Science of Egg Freezing.

To learn more about how egg freezing can benefit you or to schedule a consultation with Dr. David Diaz, please call 714-513-1399 or fill out the online consultation request form

Egg Freezing Valentine Promotion ending February 28, 2013

Merry Christmas from the West Coast Fertility Family!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Wishing you a sleigh full of surprises, a heart full of memories, and a home full of love during the holidays.

Best wishes,

David Diaz, MD and the West Coast Fertility Centers Family

Thanksgiving Wishes from Egg Freezing and Infertility Doctor David Diaz and Team

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving — a day to give thanks and a special day to rejoice with family and friends.

On behalf of the entire team at West Coast Fertility Centers and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc., I would like to take a moment to wish you and your family the warmest of Thanksgiving Holidays.  -David Diaz, MD

Egg Freezing Seminar with Egg Freezing Specialist David Diaz, MD in Orange County

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Join Dr. David Diaz for an intimate discussion about female fertility and the powerful option of egg freezing.

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 6PM

Location: West Coast Fertility Centers at 11160 Warner Ave., Suite 411 in Fountain Valley, CA (Orange County)

Limited seating. Please RSVP by calling 714-513-1399.

breast cancer and egg freezing

Egg Freezing Ban Lifted, Reproductive Freedom at Last!

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine removed the “experimental” label from human egg freezing. View Press Release

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB)is the premiere facility in the United States dedicated to the freezing and distribution of donor eggs and electively freezing the eggs of women wishing to preserve their fertility.  A study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting on October 24, 2012 showed the freezing and thawing technique used by FEB,  a division of West Coast Fertility Centers, has a greater efficiency than the vitrification technique among all egg banks sampled in the study.

View Egg Freezing Seminar Flyer

– 1 in 5 women are having their first child after age 35. Some women request elective egg freezing to preserve fertility while their eggs are healthy and robust.

– Women diagnosed with ovarian dysfunction or failed fertility treatments can request using frozen donor eggs to help improve their odds for pregnancy.

– Women newly diagnosed with cancer can freeze their eggs before chemo and radiation treatments.

– Some women prefer to freeze surplus eggs instead of embryos for ethical reasons.

About Dr. David Diaz and the Egg Freezing Team

How Age Affects Fertility and Your Eggs

October Celebrations with Egg Freezing Doctor David G. Diaz | ‘Experimental’ Label Lifted from Egg Freezing by ASRM

Friday, October 26th, 2012

There are many noteworthy celebrations in the month of October for Dr. David Diaz and the scientists at West Coast Fertility Centers (WCFC).

1) Cadyn Elizabeth was the first frozen egg baby born at WCFC on October 6, 2005 using eggs frozen back in 2001. She turned 7 years old – Happy Birthday to our sweet Cadyn!  This video link was created for Cadyn Elizabeth when she visited us at WCFC in 2010 when she turned 5 years old.

first baby born from egg freezing at west coast fertility centers

2) Last year, on October 15th, Dr. David Diaz hosted the world’s first frozen egg baby reunion with nearly 70 joyous families and their frozen egg babies coming together to celebrate life at WCFC.

World's first reunion of babies born from egg freezing at West Coast Fertility Centers

3) Also, October is especially memorable this year as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the “experimental” label off of human egg freezing.


4) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The third Friday in October is designated as National Mammography Day as first proclaimed by President Clinton in 1993.

breast cancer and egg feezing at west coast fertility centers